As each document is unique, the price is established in relation to various criteria such as:

  • The number of words
  • The type of document and the complexity of the subject (specific terminology, subject requiring in-depth research…)
  • The format (Word, PDF, website…)
  • The deadline

I will be glad to discuss the nature of your request, your expectations, your objectives and the audience to which the document is addressed. I adapt to each project to meet your needs with a constant concern for quality, clarity and efficiency. I offer a personalized service and guarantee a rigorous, meticulous work as well as a fluid communication.

For your information:

  • My translation rates are based on a per source word rate (that is to say the number of words in the source document). Unless otherwise specified, thorough proofreading is always included.
  • My voice recording rates are based on a per source word rate (that is to say the number of words in the source document).
  • My content writing rates are based on a per word rate.
  • My proofreading/editing rates are based on a per word rate or on an hourly rate depending on the nature of the service.

To receive a free quote or if you have any questions, please fill the contact form or email me at:

To find out more about the purchase process of MLP Translations services, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Sale.